Online and blended training

How do I improve store sales? How do I get my staff to treat customers better? How can I reduce the time it takes me to get a new staff member up to speed on our products?

These questions all indicate a training need and we are here to help you meet it. We design, develop and integrate training materials in all modes of delivery and choose the tools and technology that fit the requirement. Our rapid development processes allow us to meet the tight requirements of budget or timeline and create material that is easily updated as your business changes. To convey complex technical material we can create stunning interactions that are the next best thing to being there. For soft skills such as customer service we can integrate video and audio to provide true to life examples and demonstrations. We can extend learning deep into your organisation ensuring all staff receive the appropriate training by using social media and performance support tools and give you the means to keep track of it all with learning management systems.

What is the purpose of all this? To ensure that every single person who uses what we create for you learns, performs and delivers.  You know when you use Creative Leap that you are making the right choice for your people and for your bottom line.

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