Games and transmedia stories

Work and play don’t mix right? Well, no. Take a second look and you see that most of the effects we get from a game are also vital to successful work.
For example:

* Competition – we all love a challenge

* Cooperation – we all love to work as a team

* Satisfaction – we all take pride in a job well done, an obstacle overcome, a new high score.

* Connection – we all want to be part of something bigger.

* Feedback – we all like to know how we are doing and what we can do better.


An Alternate Reality Game game creates a story- based plot built on a real business situation and invites players to live within this story for the duration of the game. While experiencing rewards and penalties, successes and failures, players compete and work together and in doing so they learn.

Play is as old as the human race and so is using play to teach and work. Games are now used to solve complex scientific problems and to harness the power of teaching. Just imagine your sales people vying with each other to lift customer satisfaction and turnover after the launch of an imaginary new product, your maintenance crews working together to solve multiple urgent issues after a natural disaster, the excitement of new staff as they explore and navigate the culture, values and purpose of your organisation in their first few days on the job.

A game immerses and involves us in a way that is unique amongst training methods. By exposing players to choices and opportunities for both success and failure, it is as close as we can get to real life practical experience. The team at Creative Leap has experience in gamification to instill culture in an organisation, to lift store sales and customer satisfaction.

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