Totara LMS


Simply the leading global Open Source Enterprise Learning Management System. When you use Totara LMS you get:
  • Freedom: the open source model puts the power in your hands.
  • Flexibility: Totara LMS scales and adapts to fit your people, your work and your systems.
  • Connection: you join a community of 8 million users not just using the product but building it as well.

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User Defined reports and custom dashboards capture all that happens in Totara and deliver focussed information direct to the desktop of the people that need it


Certificates and programmes support compliance training, re-certification and extended training paths


Seminar Management supports and integrates classroom sessions, webinars and other synchronous events


Dynamic audience management and organisation hierarchy allows you to manage your learners by team, department role and target training at their role


Performance management, goals, appraisals and 360 reviews provide a complete view of a staff member and support both continuous improvement and appraisal events


Integration HR Connect, Single Sign On and a full webservice API allow Totara LMS to communicate effortlessly with your payroll, HR, Health and Safety and other systems


Mobile support responsive themes and an HTML5 based mobile app deliver learning seamlessly across all platforms


Activities such as quizzes, forums, blogs, wikis, SCORM, assignments empower you as a trainer, a coach and a manager and connect you and your learners in a social learning environment


Competency frameworks, learning plans and goals support unique and tailored learning paths that guide learners within the overall goals and culture of the organisation


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